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The Rental Pay Appfolio Paylease Rent Payment
Monthly Fees
No hidden fees
Flat rate
Set-up fees
Per transaction fees
Software Integration
Customize to your needs
Recurring Billing
Developer Support
Use for any type of money collection
Web Development / Marketing
Pricing / Not Hidden See Pricing N/A N/A N/A


Why choose The Rental Pay, Inc.

Up Front Cost (0)
100% Complete (success)
Per Transaction Fee(.5%) + CC or E-Check Fee
60% Complete
Software Integration
90% Complete (warning)
Support & Usability
80% Complete (danger)

Added Features

We are always building to make a better system. User input is welcome.

Coming Soon...

Pay by text.
Email chat service for landlords and tenants.
Message board for upcoming events in the area.

iOS / Android apps
Profit tracking based on expenses
Anything you want us to add; just let us know.


We can help your business not only in processing payments, but...

Web Development / Software Development

If you are in need of a new site we can help create custom sites and develop software based on your needs. We will integrate The Rental Pay, Inc. into your site for easy and seamless collection of rent from your tenants.

Marketing / SEO

If you are in need of other services to make sure that people can find you and your site on the web we help with local and nationwide SEO with a variety of tactics to make sure your website is seen.

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